Nearly there

On the final stages of the renovations and repairs. Only tidying up and decorating left after this. (Click on pictures for larger images.)

Balcony Ironwork

The beautiful new ironwork, commissioned from Barry Martin of Martincraft, Beccles and funded by the Beccles Music Festival is installed. (Click photos for larger images)

Gradually being rebuilt …

The internal structure is now taking shape with floors, ceilings and electrical wiring. The new fire exit at the foot of the staircase has been opened on to Market Street – just waiting for the lamp post to be moved! (Click pictures for larger images)

The beams go in ….

Steel beams will replace the old wooden ones when installed. These will support the new balcony, leaving the Foyer open and clear of columns. (Click to view larger images.)

Work on the balcony and foyer begins ….

The next major step in the renovation of the Hall has started, with volunteers helping to strip the balcony and foyer of all useful material. Here’s a selection of photos showing the progress so far.